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The Ultimate Hamburger

Nathan Myhrvold, Ph.D. and Microsoft tycoon, is the creator of the comprehensive Modernist Cuisine cookbook. His crack research team set about building the ultimate hamburger. Each component was redesigned from scratch. A video at the link goes into some detail. The beef? It’s taken out of the meat grinder in parallel strands, then frozen and [...]

Not Your Momma’s Cookbooks (Part 3)

For someone who doesn’t like to cook (and who rarely cooks), I sure own a lot of cookbooks; I love seeing all the different foods that can be made. In my ventures through the cookbook aisles, I’ve noticed some with less-than-typical main ingredients, cooking methods, and themes. This weekend, I’m sharing with you a sampling [...]

Drinkable Bagel

What do you get when you combine food, research laboratory, and a former CTO of Microsoft who just happens to hold Ph.D.s in mathematical economics and theoretical physics? Drinkable bagel, that’s what! Here is Nathan Myhrvold’s Bagel In a Glass: Broth made from an everything bagel, with tidbits of dill, lox, chives and all the rest [...]