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Mysterious Mars Curiosity Photo SOLVED!

NASA’s Mars rover Curiosity beamed back this mysterious photo earlier this week, that got scientists and space enthusiasts buzzing with delight. It seems that they’ve got themselves a mystery. Scott Gold of The Los Angeles Times wrote: Seconds after the NASA robot’s landing [...]

Greenland ice melt accelerating rapidly

The amount of Greenland’s ice sheet that has melted this month has reached unprecedented levels. NASA scientists have been using satellite images to m…

Panorama of Mars

Image: NASA/JPL Caltech/Cornell/Arizona State Univ. Opportunity rover spent the Martian winter perched on the northern slope of Greeley Haven on the Red Planet, and snapped hundreds of images that NASA scientists stitched together to [...]

LEGO Minifigs In Space

A collaboration between NASA and LEGO means that when the Juno probe took off Friday on its journey to Jupiter, there were three special LEGO minfigs aboard. The figures, milled from aluminum, will accompany Juno on its five-year trip to Jupiter. When Juno arrives in 2016, the Lego likeness of the Roman god, Jupiter, his sister, [...]