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Vehicle Pics From Mad Max – Fury Road

If you’re as excited as I am about the upcoming Mad Max movie Fury Road then you’ll love these awesome pics of the vehicles, straight from the set in Namibia. One question remains- will Mel Gibson’s recent bout of (madness?) hurt his acting, or add to his performance as the older and angrier Mad Max? Link   another [...]

Humongous Conservation Area Created in Africa

A new conservation area called KAZA has been established in Africa that unites five countries and dwarfs previous wildlife conservation programs. It symbolizes cooperation between nations as well as the fact that wildlife doesn’t share our concept of boundaries. Spanning an area of Africa almost the size of Italy, the Kavango Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area, or [...]

Meet Otavia antiqua, Possibly the Ancestor of All Animals

It looks like an insignificant spec of dust, but if scientists are right, it could be the ancestor of us all. Meet Otavia antiqua, a microscopic, sponge-like African fossil that could be the earliest known [...]

Klerksdorp Spheres

Remember the metal ball that fell from the sky and landed in Namibia? That’s not the only mysterious spheres discovered in the southern Africa region. Klerksdorp Spheres, found in Ottosdal, South Africa, are round rocks that have intrigued those who find them. By all scientific accounts, the rounded objects with even latitudinal grooves are 3 billion-year-old [...]

Mysterious Sphere Falls from Space

For a few days, people living in a remote area of Namibia heard strange explosions. Then they found this sphere, which about 43 inches in diameter, in an impact crater about 12 feet across. What is it for? Who does it belong to? So far, it has yet to extinguish all life on earth, but [...]

What Made this Marking in the Sand?

It was a golden mole, which can be found in the desert of Sperrgebiet National Park, Namibia. It survives the heat by tunneling around just under the surface of the sand. At the link, you can watch a video of one being captured and examined by researchers. Link | Photo: Frans Lanting/National Geographic

Camel Thorn Trees

This looks like a painting, but it is a photograph. Photographer Frans Lanting took this picture of camel thorn trees in Namib-Naukluft Park in Namibia. The orange is a sand dune rising in the background. It was chosen as the photo of the day for today, but it is also a part of the National [...]

Pelican Snack

This pelican in Namibia caught a snack in mid-air! Of course, you are wondering how a fish can jump that high. It had a boost from the guy who threw it. The result is the National Geographic Photo of the Day. Link -Thanks, Marilyn Terrell! (Image credit: Romula Rejon)

National Geographic International Photography Contest 2009

The National Geographic has just announced the winners of its fourth annual global photography contest. After receiving more than 200,000 submissions, here are the winners of the International Photography Contest 2009: Photo by Debra Jansen, USA People Winner A 97-year-old woman waits for the bus in her Sunday best in Chamblee, Georgia. Judges’ Comments “We pass quiet [...]

Why So Many Different Plugs?

I went to China and took an electrical adapter with eight different plug-ins, and still managed to stay at one hotel in which none of them fit. Why are there so many types of electrical plugs and sockets in the world? When household electric use began in the late 1800s, different areas of the world [...]