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Behind the Scenes of The Hobbit Post-Production

Readying a film for theatrical release is a lengthy process that involves completing special and visual effects, editing scenes together, and even creating sequences from scratch—so it’s no surprise that the process often goes down to the wire. With The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Peter Jackson and his crew are taking that to the extreme: [...]

Doctor Octopus

Patton Oswalt has to thank Adam Savage for this great Doctor Octopus costume. Oswalt’s daughter wanted him to be the evil Doctor Octopus for Halloween, so Oswalt went to twitter to ask his followers where he could get a costume. Adam Savage, from Mythbusters, came calling. He build this by hand and it only took [...]

Mythbusters Greatest Hits

(YouTube link) The Discovery Channel is promoting the new season of Mythbusters with a super cut of their best crashes, explosions, and general destruction. After all, that’s the reason we watch the show, isn’t it? -via The Daily What Geek

Adam Savage’s Toolbox

Adam Savage of Mythbusters prizes efficiency. Over his years as a special effects artist, he built and rebuilt his toolboxes until they made every tool he needed immediately accessible: I wanted to make an impression at my new job, so I spent an entire weekend remaking the bags out of aluminum. My supervisor suggested scissor lifts [...]

Cannonball Run

The folks at Perception Builder reconstructed the path of the Mythbusters cannonball misfire from last week on this map. You can clearly see the area that was intended to contain the firing, and the incredible distance it actually went. See a larger map at the website. Link -via Fark

MythBusters Bloopers and Outtakes

So you enjoyed those Star Trek bloopers? How about a bunch of MythBloopers? BLOOP ON, FELLOW NERDS! Blooper/Outtake Reel Warning: a brief NSFW moment when we fleetingly see, no kidding, Adam’s derrière. Drunkenness and Joking Adam and Kari swap jokes. Becomes progressively more and more NSFW. Slapping, Falling Down, and Face-Hitting Includes many moments from the ongoing [...]

Dr. Who Theme on Tesla Coils

(YouTube link) What kind of entertainment would you expect at Maker Faire? Arc Attack performing the Dr. Who theme on Tesla coils as Adam Savage of Mythbusters dances in a Faraday cage. Of course. -via Buzzfeed

Night of the Little Dead

(YouTube link) We don’t yet know a lot about the movie Night of the Little Dead, except that it stars Penn Jillette (of Penn and Teller) and Adam Savage (of Mythbusters), but that is enough to make me want to see it! Link

Asian Robin Hood

[YouTube Clip] Robin Hood is alive and well. Okay, so he got a little pudgy, and looks very Asian, but his archery skill is completely intact. (I think he just busted the Mythbusters!)

What Should I Ask the Mythbusters?

mental_floss has been offered an interview with three of the Mythbusters: Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, and Kari Byron. There’s a new season of Mythbusters starting in two weeks, and Kari Byron is also hosting the new science show Head Rush, a commercial-free hour of experiments on the Science Channel every weekday at 4pm. Anyway, for this [...]