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Going On Now: NeatoShop Cyber Monday Mystery Bonus

Hello Neatoramanauts – Just a reminder that we’re in our last day of NeatoShop Mystery Bonus special! Every order placed till the end of today, Cyber Monday Nov 26, 2012 (at midnight PST) will get a free mystery [...]

NeatoShop Cyber Monday Mystery Bonus

Hello Neatoramanauts! Just a reminder that we’re having a Black Friday to Cyber Monday Mystery Bonus going on over at the NeatoShop! Every order placed till the end of Monday, Nov 26, 2012 (PST) will automatically receive a Free Mystery Bonus. What will [...]

Have you suffered from ‘hindsight bias’ ?

Those who ‘knew the answer all along’ may not be quite as clever as they are making themselves out to be. If you have ever watched a murder mystery on…

NeatoShop Labor Day Special: Mystery Bonus!

Zombie Survival Kit Messenger Bag Happy Labor Day, Neatoramanauts! We’re happy to announce our Labor Day Special: Mystery Bonus on NeatoShop Exclusive items (some of which are listed below): Zombie [...]

What’s in the ParaNorman Mystery Box?

Woohoo! It’s good to be a blogger sometimes. The good folks at Laika, the animation studio that created ParaNorman, sent us this ParaNorman mystery box. A little googling will tell you that other blogs received similar mystery boxes (I particularly like John Struan’s ParaNorman Box #3). What do you think is inside? Let’s have a bit of [...]

NeatoShop Weekend Deal: Mystery Bonus on Select T-Shirts

Psst! Do you love to wear funny T-shirts? Then you’d love this limited weekend deal from the NeatoShop. On Saturday and Sunday July 7 and 8, 2012, select T-shirts from the NeatoShop will [...]

Internal heat fuels Saturn’s jet streams

Scientists believe they have solved the mystery of what is powering Saturn’s turbulent jet streams. On Earth the jet streams are caused by a combinati…

‘Beast of Bont’ returns, 20 sheep killed

A mystery predator has been blamed for the deaths of livestock near the Cambrain Mountains in Wales. The mutilated remains of several sheep were found…

Harry Clarke’s Illustrations for Poe Tales

See 24 scans of the images from the book Tales of Mystery and Imagination by Edgar Allan Poe. The collection was first published in 1908, but the 1919 edition included illustrations by Harry Clarke, which made the stories much more gruesome. Link to story. Link to full-size scans. -via the Presurfer

Ancient map gives clue to fate of lost colony

New examination of a 425-year-old map offers a clue to an enduring mystery – the fate of Roanoke Colony. It’s one of the most enduring mysteries in th…