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LEGO Meth Lab

Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad have work to do, but it’s going to prove really hard to turn plastic into meth. The mysteries of chemistry must deliver them if they wish to live. A friend of redditor garyisyoudotcom made this wonderful LEGO diorama. Link -via Popped Culture

Ancient map gives clue to fate of lost colony

New examination of a 425-year-old map offers a clue to an enduring mystery – the fate of Roanoke Colony. It’s one of the most enduring mysteries in th…

Scots site may hold key to Arthurian legend

Scanners will be used to probe the mysteries of the King’s Knot near Stirling Castle. In a continuing effort to investigate ancient sites without dist…

"Hidden Mother" Photographs

The seemingly bizarre tintype shown above is an example of a nineteenth-century image created using the “hidden mother” technique, explained at Accidental Mysteries: You see, most infants during that time were photographed with their mothers holding them. The intended picture was ultimately headed for a frame or mat, so the child would sit in the mothers [...]

Mystery of the ‘Crying Boy’ fires solved ?

Steve Punt believes he’s found the answer to one of the most chilling mysteries of recent times. It all started in 1985 when a house fire in Yorkshire…

Scientists help solve mystery of dying bees

The mysterious decline of honey bees around the world might be due to both a virus and a fungus. Its one of the most enduring scientific mysteries of …

Fluffy mystery at Solar System edge solved

The two Voyager spacecraft have been careering out of the Solar System for 30 years having shed light on many of the mysteries of the outer planet…