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10 Amazing Species Discovered in 2012

From the insect that was first identified on Flickr to the iridescent blue tarantula to Myanmar’s sneezing monkey, this great Mashable list is filled with all kinds of amazing species that were discovered over the last year. Link

The Number of the Day: $125,000,000

In 1999 NASA lost $125 million because a team of engineering contractors erroneously used English measurements rather than metric. Let’s hope today’s Space Shuttle launch goes a lot more smoothly. Related Fact: The United States, Liberia and Myanmar are the only three countries in the world that don’t use the metric system as their primary [...]

Ken Jennings: Watson “has never known the touch of a woman.”

Above: Watson as “Turd Ferguson.” In the days since IBM’s Watson defeated Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter on Jeopardy!, Jennings has written several articles about his experience — they’re funny, personal, and a bit technical. In other words, required reading. Here’s a roundup. My Puny Human Brain In this Slate article, Jennings discusses his matches against Watson, and [...]

Lei Yadi Breaks Most Fingers And Toes Guinness World Record 2010

Lei Yadi Min : A Myanmar child has claimed the Guinness world record for having more fingers and toes, the local weekly Messenger News reported Monday. Lei Yadi Min, over 1 year-old baby girl, possesses 12 fingers — six each hand, and 14 toes — 7 each foot. Living in South Okkalarpa township in Yangon, the Myanmar [...]

New Monkey Species Discovered, Eaten

Early this year, scientist heard of a new and different monkey in the Kachin state of Myanmar. When they arrived at the site, they found the monkey had been “discovered” by the hunters who killed it. It was eaten soon after. Scientists first learned of “Snubby”—as they nicknamed the species—from hunters in the remote, mountainous Kachin [...]

Elephant Injured Treated By Veterinarian

Mae Ka Pae, Elephant Injured By Land Mine, Treated By VetsVeterinarians were treating the latest land mine victim from the Thai-Myanmar border Thursday, a 22-year-old female elephant whose foot was severely wounded by the explosion.Mae Ka Pae, as she is called, is the 13th mine casualty to be treated at the innovative Friends of Asian [...]

8 Quick Facts About the $100 Bill

1. The $100 is the highest value bill in circulation in the United States. The US stopped producing denominations larger than $100—$500, $1000, etc.—during WWII and halted distribution in 1969. While these larger notes are legal tender and may be accepted, the Federal Reserve Banks destroy any that are received. 2. Myanmar black market moneychangers will [...]