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Two Reasons to Use Facepaint

(Video Link)  When members of the band Young Rival wanted to get the internet’s attention, they knew just what to do. They approached facepainting artist James Kuhn and asked him to create more of his marvels for the music video for their song “Two Reasons.” It’s stunning, amusing and the neatest thing you’ll see all day. -via [...]

Time To Go

(vimeo link) The music video for “Time To Go” by Wax Tailor feat Aloe Blacc stars a crocheted “quadropus” swimming through the urban landscape as if it were the deep blue sea. The video was produced by Oh Yeah Wow. -via The Daily What  

I Haz a Catnip in Mah Head

(YouTube) A music video from the group Walter and the Wizards. Yes, it’s an ad, for Litter Genie. A cosmic, cat-filled, psychedelic, musical ad. Remember, kitties, just say no to nip.  -via Daily of the Day

Bend Me

(YouTube link) Nashville musician Ned Evett not only sings, but also sculpted and animated the little clay figures (Ned Heads) that dance in his music video! -Thanks, @medtek!

Stop Motion Animation Created With Spreadsheets

(YouTube Link) Creating a fluid and interesting stop motion animation can be tedious enough, but when you decide to animate via spreadsheet you’re just asking for trouble! Apparently Joe Penna, aka Mystery Guitar Man, likes tedious trouble, as he and his team converted 730 frames of video into this blocky stop motion music video. –via Endgadget

Awesome Hand Drawn Animation Video

(Vimeo Link) This animated music video by Kijek/Adamski is really cool to watch, even if it makes you feel a bit seasick at times. The song “Pirate’s Life” by We Cut Corners is pretty sweet too, but what’s even cooler about this video is that the entire thing was hand drawn on paper with markers! Link –via [...]

Busuu: A Language That Only 8 People Speak

Busuu is a language that is only spoken by eight people in the world (according to Wikipedia this may be as low as three people as of 2005) in Cameroon. To help save this dying language the folks at have created a music video in the Busuu language. See the full video at the [...]

Game Boy Music

Talk about 8-bitboxing: Sebastian Bender created this clever music video called Game Boy Music, by “playing” various parts of the handheld gaming console. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube]

Your Favorite Villain Strikes Back

Our favorite martian, Ray William Johnson, just put out a new music video featuring all your favorite villains. See how many you know in the funny video below.

We Got More

(YouTube link) The new music video for “We Got More” by Eskimo was directed by animator Cyriak Harris. You may be familiar with his work, as he’s been featured previously at Neatorama. -via The Daily What