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The State of the Music Industry

Matthew Inman at The Oatmeal explains the history of the music business, how it’s changing, and what the future holds. The is only the first panel, but it explains the way things were for around 100 years in the world of recorded music. Link -via reddit

Space Out On These Trippy GIFs

Do you have a day to spare, staring at your computer screen as GIFs threaten to suck your mind into a space warp? Then you’ll love this gallery of 50 tripped out GIFs which are guaranteed to blow your mind. They might make you feel a bit uncomfortable in your own skin after a while, so [...]

Panoramic Sistine Chapel

The official Vatican website has a panoramic view of the Sistine Chapel. If you don’t have the opportunity to go and visit it yourself, this could be your best chance to get up close and personal with Michelangelo’s ceiling and the works of other Renaissance artists. Take your virtual tour with or without music. Link [...]

Physical Storage Vs Digital Storage

It’s amazing how the storage of music and movies and increased exponentially over the years. This diagram illustrates how far we have come from vinyl records which could hold 44 minutes of music to today’s iPods which can hold over 83 days of music. Link

Robotech Snow Sculpture

Flickr user migpix captions this photo as “Zentradi child being held up by a Valkyrie Veritech Fighter VF-1S in Battloid mode.” If I remember Robotech correctly, the sizing is just about spot on. But did the Zentradi in that series have actual children, or just clones? It’s been too long for me to remember clearly. [...]