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Throne of Games

Aaron Jasinski, the master of mashups, warns us to not rest easily upon the Mushroom Throne. He made this acrylic on wood planel painting for a Gallery 1988 show. Link -via it8Bit

Defending The Mushroom Kingdom In Mario Warfare

(YouTube Link) There’s battle a-brewin’ in the Mushroom Kingdom, and only Special Forces agents Mario and Luigi can crush the evil dictator Koopa and save countless mushroom headed lives. It’s Mario Warfare by production company Beat Down Boogie, a full length live action spoof of the Super Mario Bros. franchise that’s been in the works for quite [...]

The Industrial Life of Button Mushroom

That delicious mushroom you just had with your salad wasn’t harvested from a beautiful forest or an idyllic farm. No, neatoramanauts, every single step in the growing, harvesting, and processing of Agaricus bisporus, or [...]

10 Bizarre Chinese Soft Drinks

No, this beverage is not an anti-Semitic hate crime in a can, it’s actually a canned mushroom juice made with Black Wood Ear mushroom, which is also called jew’s ear. InventorSpot has more wonderfully strange beverage options from China for your weird drinking pleasure. Link

The Lifecycle of a Mushroom

(vimeo link) Thomas Beg animated the Lifecycle of a Mushroom for the Spectacular Science collaboration project in the style of the cartoons of the 1920s. Link -via Dangerous Minds

Rediscovered Bioluminescent Fungus

A bioluminescent mushroom was discovered in Brazil in 1840 and named Agaricus gardneri (in honor of botanist George Gardner, who discovered it). The species was not observed again until 2009! I read that and thought. “How could they not see it? It glows in the dark!” Then I realized that the Brazilian rainforest must be [...]

Mushroom Trumpet

(Video Link) Ben Maleson, a mushroom merchant in Brookline, Massachusetts, plays a mushroom as a double-reeded instrument. He calls it the “Black Trumpet”. Do you think that this instrument has a future in popular music? -via io9

New Zealand’s Sky Blue Mushroom

It looks like a piece of Photoshop trickery, but that bit of fairlyand fungus is Entoloma hochstetteri, the Sky Blue Mushroom. In its native New Zealand the mushroom is well known, appearing on a postage stamp and on the back of the country’s $50 note, but it is virtually unheard of outside the Land of [...]

Dietribes: Mushrooms

• There’s nothing newfangled about mushrooms. Morels (the genus of edible mushrooms) have been around since dinosaur times, evolving into over 177 species all over the world (including Antarctica – more on that later). The fungi have also been primarily championed by humans: “Oddly enough, most animal species aren’t particularly attracted to morels,” says Oregon State [...]

Butch Mushroom Reloaded

This game is pretty simple: just zap the insects and watch Butch Mushroom eat them. The real fun is in the colorful but ridiculous graphics! Link -via KTAR