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Bucks Burnett: The Guru of the Eight-track Tape

Bucks Burnett has a lot of eight-track tapes -enough to stock the world’s first eight-track museum! That one is on Texas; now Burnett is opening a second eight-track museum in Roxbury, New York. Burnett sat down for an interview about his retro passion for Stereo 8 tapes and his museums. Well, they couldn’t be more different. [...]

The Zymoglyphic Museum

This museum in San Mateo, California, is the “world’s only repository for the study and display of Zymoglyphic art, artifacts, and natural history.” It has some very interesting exhibits from history and nature -except there is something unnatural about them. A clue comes from the second definition of the word “zympglyphic”: 2. The collection and arrangement [...]

9 of the World’s Weirdest Museums

While museums dedicated to Spam and barbed wire are strange in their specificity, some museums are just plain bizarre in their subject matter. Here are some of the weirdest museums ever curated. 1. Leila’s Hair Museum Flickr These days, the idea of hair jewelry seems like something that should be left to stalkers and serial killers, but [...]

Morbid Road Trip: Medical Oddities Around the World

In our last two macabre getaways, we planned an almost-cross-country trip to see various items tied to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination and took in the best of the America’s medical oddities. Today, we go worldwide in a quest for more cadavers, gore and anatomical monstrosities outside the US. All aboard! Museum Vrolik – Amsterdam, Netherlands Originally the private [...]

The Museum That’s Full of Cats

(Video Link) The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg has a dark secret under its floorboards -65 cats. Actually, it’s more adorable than dark, as these kitties aren’t just there to brighten up the place -they have a job to do; it’s their job to keep the museum free from rodents. With that many cats in the [...]

7 Weird Tourist Destinations

Sure most people want to spend their summers in Hawaii, Bermuda or somewhere else warm and sunny, but there are plenty of others who prefer their vacation destinations to be a little off the beaten path. Here are a few of the strangest tourist destinations in the world. Guanajuato Mummy Museum Back in 1870, the cemetery in [...]

The Vice Presidents That History Forgot

Schuyler Colfax Writer Tony Horwitz visited the Quayle Vice Presidential Learning Center in Huntington, Indiana. It is the only museum dedicated to the 47 vice-presidents of the United States. Museum director Daniel Johns admits the title of second banana is not held in high regard. “Ridicule is an occupational hazard of the job,” Johns observes, leading me [...]

A Day Trip to Chicago

What do you do with only one day in Chicago? My family recently went there for a biannual reunion that I explained in a similar post a few years ago. Since then, the families have grown by one husband (mine) and five stepchildren (although only the youngest goes to the reunions). With only one full [...]

Unknown 150-year-old Photo Subjects

The Museum of the Confederacy is asking for your help in identifying the people in eight Civil War-era photographs. They are hoping that someone might see a family resemblance or have other photographs of or information about these folks. Even if you don’t recognize them, it’s awesome to imagine that you knew them. See the [...]

Morbid Road Trip: American Medical Oddities

On our last macabre getaway, we planned an almost-cross-country trip to see various items tied to Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. This time around, we’re hitting the road to gawk at cadavers, outdated instruments and the rest of America’s finest medical curios and anatomical monstrosities. Let’s go! 2000+ Objects Removed from People’s Throats © Richard T. Nowitz/CORBIS We’ll start, [...]