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Kermit Plush Slippers

Kermit Plush Slippers – $19.95 Are you exhausted from a long day of movin’ right along in search of good time and good news? It’s time to get footloose and fancy free in the Kermit Plush Slippers from the NeatoShop. This comfy pair of slippers features Kermit the Frog from the Muppets. After a little rest [...]

Gonzo The Muppets EZ-On Romper

  Gonzo The Muppets EZ-On Romper – $22.95 People of Earth, do not be alarmed. Halloween is almost here and the Gonzo The Muppets EZ-On Romper from the NeatoShop is here to save the day. This fantastically distinct infant and tot costume features your favorite Muppet character. It includes easy on, easy off romper and headpiece. Be sure [...]

The Missing Links: Ben Folds Five + The Muppets

A Shot of Reel Life FILMography holds up screenshots from famous films over the NYC locations where they were shot. * Where Was Maxwell’s Silver Hammer When This Lady Was Singing? Have a listen to the worst Beatles covers ever. * Ben Folds Five + The Muppets What’s not to love? Unless you don’t like Ben Folds Five and [...]

Muppets With People Eyes

It’s not easy being green and having creepy eyes. From the wonderfully twisted mind of Mike Lacher, here comes the Tumblr Muppets With People Eyes. Kermit and the rest of the Muppets will see [...]

Animal The Muppets EZ-On Romper

Animal The Muppets EZ-On Romper - $22.95 Halloween is right around the corner. Are you looking for the perfect costume for your wild and crazy little guy? You need the Animal The Muppets EZ-On Romper from the NeatoShop. With this costumer it is a cinch to dress your baby as everyone’s favorite muppet drummer.  Miss Piggy The [...]

11 Muppets Who Made 11 or Fewer Muppet Show Appearances

Everyone knows Beaker, Kermit, Rizzo, and Fozzie. It’s time we give lesser-known Muppets some love! 1. The Announcer Remember that silky, disembodied voice that moved us from one scene to the next? That was the Announcer. Although his voice was everywhere, he made only one camera appearance. 2. Gorgon Heap Gorgon Heap liked eating. A lot. Here, he does [...]

The Muppet Movie Tin Lunch Box

The Muppet Movie Tin Lunch Box – $11.95 Attention all you star gazing dreamers! Are you still looking for that perfect carry-all to take with you as you seek the rainbow connection? The Muppet Movie Tin Lunch Box from the NeatoShop is calling your name! This beautifully embossed lunch box features Kermit from The Muppets. Now [...]

Jim Henson’s Commercials for Defunct Products

Before his success with the Muppets, Jim Henson made hundreds of commercials and short industrial films, often involving early Muppets. Here I’ve rounded up a few favorites. Wilkins Coffee, 1956-1961 A pair of proto-Muppets (Wilkins and Wontkins) in a series of comically deadly scenarios. Pretty adorable, really — I’d buy Wilkins Coffee, if it still [...]

Beaker the Stormtrooper

Meep! Those were the Muppets we were looking for! Anna Goellner of Comics Alliance spotted this excellent costume at the Emerald City Comicon 2012 in Seattle. Link -via Fashionably Geek | Photo: Anna Goellner

The Muppets Attempt to Sing “Danny Boy”

In this short video, the three least articulate Muppets share their brilliant, touching interpretation of “Danny Boy.” Not a dry eye in the house: See also: Muppets Singing Classic Songs.