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Interview with Randall Munroe

Surely, you’ve seen his comics xkcd on the web before and perhaps you’ve seen his new site What If, where Randall pondered things like what would happen if [...]

1000 Comics

Congratulations to Randall Munroe on the 1000th comic published at xkcd! Only 24 to go, and he’ll have a big, round number to brag about. Link

10 Geeky Laws That Should Exist

Matt Blum of Wired’s GeekDad blog came up with a list of 10 geeky laws that should exist, but for some inexplicable reason, do not (at least, they didn’t until now). For example: 1. Munroe’s Law: A person in a geeky argument who can quote xkcd to support his position automatically wins the argument. This law [...]

I Love xkcd

(YouTube Link) Animator Noam Raby expressed his love for the webcomic xkcd and the many interests of its artist, Randall Munroe, in this one minute music video. Raby and Munroe have previously collaborated on another animated video entitled “Letting Go.” Art by Randall Munroe and singing by Olga Nunes. via io9 | | Raby’s Website | [...]