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Woman Stayed in Car for a Week

Lynn S. Keesler of Houston, Texas, became stuck in mud January 15th in her rental car and survived on candy for a week, despite the fact that she was not injured. Keesler told deputies she saw water by a dairy at 800 W. 500 S. and thought it was the river she needed to cross in [...]

10 Surreal Botanical Spaces

This stunning sculpture known as the Mud Maiden can be found at the Lost Gardens of Heligan in Mevagissey, UK. Flavorpill shows us this and nine other wondrous botanical gardens around the world. Link via Flavorpill

Animal Footprint Sandals

If you ever wanted to fool animal trackers that you are actually a cat, dog, monkey, even a gecko, then you’d better strap on some of these bizarre new sandals from Japan that make your footprints look like the animal of your choice. Of course, they’re only really useful in mud or sand, so plan [...]

Ten Lost Civilizations

By now, I’m sure you’ve all heard that archeologists are claiming to have discovered the city of Atlantis in a mud flat located in Southern Spain, but there are plenty more “lost” civilizations out there just begging for discovery. While most of these societies did not lose their entire culture due to a massive tsunami [...]

Mud Cake : Poor Haitians Resort to Eating Dirt Mud Cakes Recipe

A woman prepares mud cakes at the Cite-Soleil neighborhood, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Some people eat mud cookies made of dirt, butter and salt to fill their stomachs. At first sight the business resembles a thriving pottery. In a dusty courtyard women mould clay and water into hundreds of little platters and lay them out to harden [...]

Bottlenose dolphins mud-ring feeding

[YouTube - Link] Bottlenose dolphins catch fish with an unusual method -they corral them in a circle of mud! – via mothertrip From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by THC55.