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The Late Movies: Erupting Volcanoes

On this date 6 years ago, Alaska’s Fourpeaked Mountain erupted (at left), its first eruption in at least 10,000 years. Fourpeaked had been dormant for so long that many geologists believed it to be extinct. To mark the anniversary of Fourpeaked Mountain’s re-entry into the active volcano category, tonight we present a variety of videos [...]

Volcano Blast Zone as Apocalyptic Movie Set

Thinking about seeing The Road, the new movie based on the novel by Cormac McCarthy? Take note of some of the locations they filmed in, as they utilized existing devastated areas to serve as the cataclysmic setting. Windy Ridge, which is on the east flank of Mt. St. Helens in Southern Washington, still looks like a [...]

Why Do People Live Near Volcanoes?

Photo by Carsten Peter Perched above the lighted city of Catania, Italy, Mount Etna hurls a fountain of fire skyward as rivers of lava spill down its flanks. In spite of its dazzling displays, Mount Etna is a relatively safe volcano with rare, compact eruptions and slow-flowing lava that gives people a chance to escape. – [...]