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One Joke From Every Episode Of Mystery Science Theater 3000

(YouTube Link) Take a fond look back at MST3K with this supercut video, which features one joke from every episode ever made! It’s like a really quick refresher course on how MST3K brought the funny, and brought their lighthearted derision towards cheesy old movies into our homes each week. This video has inspired me to waste even more [...]

Green Bay Celebrates on MST3K

(YouTube link) The guys from MST3K recognize fans celebrating a Super Bowl win in the crowd behavior seen in the 1975 film Giant Spider Invasion. The Packers were a recurring joke in the series. -via Buzzfeed

Crochet Tom Servo

Sure, we all miss MST (MST3K – Mystery Science Theater 3000). But the show lives on forever in our hearts, on our DVD shelves, and through our geektastic arts & crafts. Craftster user MageAkyla has created her very own chibi Tom Servo, and you can too, with her step-by-step walkthrough: Link