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The Missing Links: Diabolical Villains Love Their Fruit Pies

The Boy Who Found A Dead President Lincoln Back in the 50s, a teenage boy uncovered the only photograph of the deceased President Lincoln known to exist. Here is the story. * Also Presidential: Planning A Trip to Paraguay? Be sure to check out the Rutherford B. Hayes statue. * The 64-Day Nap As a person with narcolepsy, this [...]

The Missing Links: Invasion of the Chickens, A History

The Future Is Now Because in the 1960s the future was 50 or more years from then, which could be now. So now is the future for the 1960s. The same could be said for the 1890s, when 50% of the future was 51-500 years from that point in time. But when is the future now? [...]

Awesome People Hanging Out Together

Sometimes “awesome” people like to hang out together. And I’m not talking about a member of Aerosmith hanging out with another member of Aerosmith: Sometimes these famous or infamous people are hanging out with other famous or infamous people that you wouldn’t think knew each other. Such as Nancy Reagan and Mr. T. See link [...]

Mr. T as the Meta-rebel

The folks over at at Overthinking It came up with an idea for a new political party: The Mr. T Party. But, as with all parties, there is some disagreement about the nature of the party itself, its intentions, and even its ideals — although there is the central rallying figure of Mr. T (who [...]

Whole Foods’ Loss is Paul Maybury’s Gain

Award-winning artist Paul Maybury’s work has graced comics from nearly every publisher, as well as the covers and interiors of numerous video games and DVDs. Yet his humble beginnings at Whole Foods grew even humbler when they fired him for, shall we say, not quite connecting with his audience, i.e. shoppers. This is the sign that [...]

White House Santas of the 1980s

When it gets this close to Christmas, you can barely turn around without spying someone in a Santa suit. Although most of these Saint Nicks are just old guys who happen to have the man in red’s robust physique, every year some famous Kris Kringles don the suit. Some even hit the White House. Let’s [...]

The Late Movies: Bizarre Cooking Shows

Postmodern weirdness has finally invaded the last vestige of TV-dom I thought was safe from irony: the tried-and-true cooking show. I don’t know how much you’ll actually learn about cooking from watching these shows, but they’re certainly worth a laugh or two. Food Party This show on IFC features lots of weird graphics, a wacky host and [...]

15 Famous People Who Used to Teach

Students, we know you may not be all that ecstatic about seeing your teachers – and the homework they assign – as the school year starts up. Pay attention in class, though; you never know what hidden talents your teachers might have. Just look at all of these famous former teachers: 1. Gene Simmons The tongue-flicking [...]