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The Speculative Evolution of Dougal Dixon

Early in his career as a geologist, Dougal Dixon developed an interest in fossils and paleontology. But he took that curiosity in a unique direction. Dixon has published several books on speculative evolution — imagining animals that may have evolved if conditions were different. Pictured above is an illustration from one of his books depicting [...]

The Quick 10: Our 10 Favorite Mr. Potato Heads

You have to love when a company has a sense of humor about its products… and when your product is Mr. Potato Head, how can you not? In recent years, Hasbro has been coming up with funny nicknames for some of the special edition Potato Heads. Here are some of our favorites: 1. Optimash Prime. There’s [...]

Celebrating 60 Years of Mr. Potato Head

The brain child of George Lerner, who invented the famous spud toy back in 1949, Mr. Potato head was first put out by Hasbro in 1952, but only the parts, not the body! Yes, the original had you sticking things into real potatoes! They only started including a potato body in the kit in 1964. [...]

Fun With Slo-Mo Explosions

(YouTube Link) YouTube user jeremiahjw has some compelling slow motion videos of stuff blowing up. Not buildings or robots, although he does compare himself to Michael Bay. The focus of his spendid ’splosions is small stuff like the toy cars above, a variety of outdated gadgets, and most eloquently, Mr. Potato Head. All set to wonderful, [...]

The Evolution of Mr. Potato Head

The first Mr. Potato Head (1952) – via National Institute of Health 1949: A SPUD IS BORN Brooklyn-born toy inventor George Lerner tries to capitalize on kids who like to play with their food. Surprisingly, Lerner’s idea of creating face and body parts that can be jabbed into potatoes is a hard sell. Toy companies worry [...]