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Homemade Zamboni

What can you do with a riding lawnmower with a blown engine? Instructables member web4deb turned hers into an ice resurfacer. Here’s how: Stripped off all the old mower decking and non-important parts and repainted it purple. Put on a small surplus engine. Made a scraper blade by grinding an edge into a piece of steel and mounted [...]

Jacobsen Lawn Mower vs. Sheep

How do you tout the benefits of your fancy-schmancy lawn mower? Lawn mower maker Jacoben turned to advertising icon Stan Freberg to create (now classic) ad campaign. Stan’s answer? Compare it to a sheep. The [...]

The Fastest Lawn Mower in the World

(Video Link) Last weekend, American Bobby Cleveland took his lawn mower out to the Bonneville Salt Flats and accelerated to a record-breaking 96.529 MPH. This performance took the title away from British driver Don Wales, who had reached a speed of 87.833 MPH on his lawn mower. Link via The Presurfer