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An Apt Description

I guess that’s one way of looking at the story. Are we sure this movie is okay for children to watch? -via Criggo

Movie Monster High School Yearbook

Movie Monster high school has one massive claim to fame- nobody has been bullied on campus in over fifty years! And even though Ghostface and Leatherface are mere humans, their ghastly disguises keep them under the monster radar, and their bloodlust is seen as admirable by the student body. DeviantARTist thegreck heads up the yearbook committee to [...]

Bad Movies for Thanksgiving

When you think of Thanksgiving films, you think of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, and Alice’s Restaurant, and to some degree, Miracle on 34th Street, and …what else? There are not very many classic movies centered around Thanksgiving, but if you dig a little, you’ll find a few films that aren’t exactly fit for prime time [...]

Vintage Superheroes and Villains

Today’s superheroes aren’t that bad. But they aren’t like the superheroes of the past. No movie deals, no merchandizing–just work. The historic company Foto Marvellini, now operated by descendants of the original owners, has opened up its archive. Much of it consists of the first photographs of classic superheroes including Spider-Man, Batman and Wolverine. Gallery and [...]

Watching horror films can burn calories

New research suggests that you can burn anywhere up to 200 calories watching a horror movie. As Halloween approaches many people are settling down in …

Test Footage from The Exorcist

(video link) The movie The Exorcist came out in 1973. There were no computer-generated effects in movies, and it was way cheaper to use actors than animatronics. Here you see some newly-unearthed footage of the levitation effect tried out on young Linda Blair. She really earned her fee for that movie! Link -via Buzzfeed

The Scariest Psycho Biddies in Cinema

To celebrate the release of the 1962 film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? on Blu-Ray, and of course, the horror film season leading up to Halloween, Flavorwire composed a list of the scariest crazy old women in movie history. Actresses can make these characters pretty scary, but add to that our unresolved conflicts with [...]

Mythbusters Takes on Titanic

The TV show Mythbusters tested James Cameron’s version of Titanic. Never mind that the movie was a work of fiction, this is important stuff! The issue came up when, 15 years after the movie was released, the internet questioned why Jack died instead of climbing onto the floating piece of wood with Rose, which appeared [...]

Seven PsychoCats

(YouTube link) The movie Seven Psychopaths with be in theaters October 12th. If the real film starred these cats, I’d go see it! You can see the trailer with the actual actors here, but the only purpose in doing so would be to see what actor is voicing which cat. -via Daily of the Day

Feed My Frankenweenie

Just in time for Halloween, Frankenweenie is hitting theaters today, giving viewers a chance to enjoy all the campiness of black-and-white classic horror films while still offering them something delightfully new and unique. In honor of the movie’s release, here are some things you should know about the development and creation of Tim Burton’s newest [...]