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Gumdrop’s Screen Test

(YouTube link) Gumdrop the Robot wants to be an actress. She’s quite charming! This video isn’t nearly as long as it appears because there’s a movie trailer after Gumdrop is finished. -via Geeks Are Sexy

This 14 Year Old Has A Great Voice For Movie Trailers

(YouTube Link) 14 year old Jake Foushee wants to become a professional voice actor, and from the look of things this kid is going straight to the top. Watch as he nails that classic movie trailer voice without having to change his normal speaking voice that much, and hit the link below to see him doing an [...]

The Avengers Trailer From 1978

(YouTube Link) This silly fan made movie trailer answers the question “what would a made-for-TV Avengers movie look like if it came out in 1978?” The end result is all sorts of ridiculous, with Paul Lynde playing a schlocky version of Loki, and a guest appearance by KISS. It would have been the best worst thing that ever [...]

An Office Worker Goes Kong

(YouTube Link) If Donkey Kong wasn’t a giant gorilla, but rather a lowly office worker whose promotion was given to a moustachioed employee named Mario, then the situation would probably play out just as it does in this spoof movie trailer for “Mr. Kong”. It’s a good thing nobody took his stapler! –via Ology

Kids React to Captain America Trailer

Kids say the darnedest things, especially when you show them a movie trailer for one of the biggest films of the summer. Captain America may have the heart of the nation, but what about the kids? See the cute reactions in the video at the link. Link

The Secret of The Sound of Music

(YouTube link) The right music makes a world of difference. In this remixed movie trailer, the family musical The Sound of Music turns into a zombie Nazi thriller! -via Buzzfeed