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The War on Women, Waged in Postcards

It took 80 years of protests and campaigning before women achieved the right to vote in the United States, and it finally happened in 1920. That was less than 100 years ago! Along the way, the anti-suffrage movement used some nasty and ridiculous arguments to deny women the vote, a lot of which is enshrined [...]

Ghost Photography of the 19th Century

The spiritualist movement rose at about the same time photography was invented. Therefore, it was no wonder that the earliest use of trick photography was to show evidence of spirits that one could communicate with -for a small fee. Buzzfeed has a collection of quite a few of these “spirit” pictures. Link

Unusual Bridges For Animals

Special bridges and overpasses have been built around the world to accommodate the natural movement of animals that have been interrupted by our road systems. These structures keep to keep the animals safe and unrestricted and the roads free of hazards. Some of the designs are not only functional, but downright beautiful! Shown is a [...]

Map of Texas Made out of Shotgun Shells

General Lee said, “Texans always move them.” And nothing encourages movement quite like 00 buckshot. Dolan Geiman made this display out of used shotgun shells nailed to wood. It’s a custom job and Geiman will make one for any state. Link | Artist’s Website

When Occupy Wall Street Goes Geek

Regardless of your personal political affiliations, I think this is a movement we can all get behind. Geeks Are Sexy has other funny, geeky Occupy Wall Street parodies at the link. Link

Occupy Antarctica

We knew the Occupy Wall Street movement was widespread when we saw it had reached the Arctic tundra, but now it has been confirmed on the other end of the world as well! The protests have officially reached all seven continents. Link -via The Daily What

Occupy Sesame Street Is A Great Parody

Occupy Wall Street is taking over all the news networks these days, but the truly important movement these days is the Occupy Sesame Street cause. Check out some of the key Tweets from the front lines over on BuzzFeed. Link

Man Who Vowed to Live Forever Has Died

Many people have dreamed of living forever but for science fiction writer and physics teacher Robert C.W Ettinger it was a life’s mission. Ettinger who died this past weekend was a founder of the cryogenics movement and was frozen along with both of his ex-wives with hopes of one day being brought back to life. [...]

Joystick Attachments for Smartphones

A company called Ten 1 has developed a gadget that can slip over smartphones and serve as joysticks for easier movement while playing video games. So far, they’re available for iPhones, iPod Touches, and Androids. The company says that it’s done extensive testing and the joysticks do no damage to the mobile devices. Link via DVICE

The Late Movies: Civil Rights Roundtable

Tonight, instead of a handful of short clips, we’re bringing you one half-hour video. On August 28, 1963, Marlon Brando, James Baldwin, Harry Belafonte, Charlton Heston, Joseph Mankiewicz, and Sidney Poitier gathered to discuss the Civil Rights Movement. Hosted by David Schoenbrun of CBS, the discussion occurred following the March on Washington for Jobs and [...]