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We’ve Got the Perfect Thing for Your Shiny New Tablet

If you got your hands on a new tablet this holiday season, your next move should be downloading the mental_floss magazine app. And when you make that next move, you get the current issue of mental_floss free! — iPad version — Android version — Kindle version Happy downloading!

A Jedi Christmas Story

Why, it’s a major award! Let’s move it in front of the window so the neighbors can see it! Gordon Tarpley has reason to be proud of his leg lamp. Link -via Distracted by Star Wars

Map of Texas Made out of Shotgun Shells

General Lee said, “Texans always move them.” And nothing encourages movement quite like 00 buckshot. Dolan Geiman made this display out of used shotgun shells nailed to wood. It’s a custom job and Geiman will make one for any state. Link | Artist’s Website

Date Night Rube Goldberg Contraption

(YouTube link) Everything you need for a romantic evening in one move. One move for you, that is. The machine makes dozens the get it done. -via Buzzfeed

How To Pack Your Kitten

(Video Link) Getting ready for a big move is tough, especially when you have a cat. Fortunately, this video shows you just how to box up your kitty so you the move to your new house is quick and smooth as possible. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

60 Years of Teeth That Talk Back

Those funny false teeth that move on their own -it seems like they’ve been around forever. But they were the invention of Eddie Goldfarb in the 1940s. They were called Yakity-Yak Talking Teeth. Collector’s Weekly has everything you ever needed to know about chattering teeth, from their inspiration, how they work, and how they became [...]


(Video Link) The ducks are on the move. All. Of. Them. What do they know that we don’t? -via Ace of Spades HQ

Australia to remove "BC" from dates

In a move towards political correctness Australia is removing biblical references from dates. The new date system will replace BC ( Before Christ ) wi…

Steve Jobs Keynote Moments

You’ve probably heard by now that Steve Jobs has resigned as the CEO of Apple, which saddened many fans who assume the move is due to his health. As a tribute to his career, Ranker has posted The Top Steve Jobs Keynote Moments, with videos of his most memorable speeches, highlighting the expected “surprise” unveiling [...]

Call to ban "Planet of the Apes" experiments

Scientists are demanding new rules to prevent experiments to give lab animals human-like attributes. The move is aimed at avoiding future experimentat…