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Turn Your Toddler Into A Young Tom Selleck

Photo: Cheezburger Photo: piquantdesigns/Etsy Millenials may not know the name, but anyone who grew up around or before the 80s knows the name Tom Selleck, aka Magnum P.I. aka the man with the sexy moustache. Everyone should aspire to have a child as handsome as Tom, so why not give them a helping hand with an adhesive moustache [...]

Your Beards Are Invalid

(YouTube link) Neatorama has featured lots of very strange beards in the past, but this… this I’ve never seen. The audience at the 1991 Beard and Moustache Championship in Tacoma, WA, had a double-rainbow moment when competitor Dean Beacon revealed his entry for the Freestyle Beard portion of the contest. I think commenter moosewomb says it [...]

Victorian Mustache Guard

That strange object above, my friend, serves a deadly serious purpose. Raynor of The Rag Bag explains this wonderful curiosity known as the Victorian Mustache Guard: what you need to understand about the differences between the victorian moustache and the ironic ones that you see hanging around park slope these days is that the victorians [...]

Flavor Savers Mustache Clips

Flavor Savers Mustache Clips – $7.95 Because nobody likes cold lips and stale chips, be sure to keep all your potato chips fresh (and very hip) with the Flavor Savers Mustache Clips from the NeatoShop. This clever mustache-inspired item is our 2,000th item on the NeatoShop. It’s hard to believe that we opened our online shop two [...]

Beard and Moustache Championships 2010

The European Beard and Moustache Championships 2010 in Leogang, Austria town hosts European beard contest – ‘Full natural’ and ‘freestyle’ were among the categories that had hirsute types primping, preening – and even blow-drying – their facial tresses for a stab at the top title in the weekend’s European Beard and Moustache Championship.Attracting around 150 [...]

Is Wearing a Hitler Moustache a Good Idea?

Is the Hitler moustache history?  Since World War II it has not been popular, but long before Hitler rose to power, the toothbrush was the signature look of Charlie Chaplin.   In fact, the tiny moustache was quite fashionable at one time. Now comedian Richard Herring is sporting a toothbrush moustache for his Edinburgh show, ‘Hitler Moustache’, in [...]