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Nintendo-Style Mouse

By combining a Nintendo controller and a Logitech mouse, Instructables member champx made a retro-cool computer mouse. It’s one of a few that he’s made with different configurations. The two top mounted buttons replace the conventional mouse buttons. The directional pad, now mounted on the side, is a scroll wheel. Link

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Red/Black Patent Leather Embossed Handbag

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Red/Black Patent Leather Embossed Handbag – $64.95 Tired of your unexciting and downright ho hum purse? It’s time to replace it with the very delightful Mickey and Minnie Mouse Red/Black Patent Leather Embossed Handbag from the NeatoShop. This handsome bag is both playful and stylish. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Red/Black Patent Leather Embossed [...]

Black Scorpion Computer Mouse

Black Scorpion Computer Mouse – $19.95 Looking for a way to keep people from touching your precious computer? You need the Black Scorpion Computer Mouse from the NeatoShop. This frighteningly fabulous computer mouse contains a real black scorpion encased in Lucite. The squeamish will think twice about playing with your toys.  Green Rose Chafer Beetle Computer Mouse [...]

18 Vintage Photos From Prohibition

Americans are fascinated by prohibition, as evidenced by the success of shows like Boardwalk Empire and the many movies based on Al Capone. But for all the discussions and reenactments of the period, it’s still rare to actually look back on photos from the period. Here are a few scenes from the fight against alcohol, [...]

The Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Tired of having a sweaty palm because you never move your hand from your computer mouse? Well then, it sounds like you need the Thermaltake Black Element -the only mouse to come with a built-in fan to help cool down your hand. That you could always just take a break from your game every now [...]

The Harvest Mouse Is A True Acrobat

The harvest mouse is only two or so inches tall, but it’s adapted well to the reeds, wheat fields and other tall vegetation in its homeland thanks to its amazing acrobatic skills. Just look at his amazing prowess. “The feet are specially adapted for climbing, with the outer of the five toes on each foot being [...]

Real Life Tom and Jerry

It’s like Tom and Jerry but in real life! Photographer Malcolm Case-Green snapped this photo of a tiny mouse that doesn’t take kindly to being bullied: Looking like a scene from a Tom and Jerry cartoon, the fight saw [...]

Jeweled Heart Mouse

Jeweled Heart Mouse – $19.95 Valentine’s Day is nearly here! What do you get the geekheart who has everything? The Jeweled Heart Mouse from the NeatoShop. This adorable wired computer mouse, shaped like a heart, is encrusted with acrylic rhinestones. Bling! Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more heartfelt Valentine’s Day gifts! Link

Mickey Mouse X Joy Division = WTF

If “love will tear us apart”, then we’ll surely be left in one piece by this newest Disney oddity-the Mouse that helped create an empire meets the cover art of Joy Division’s album Unknown Pleasures in their newest t-shirt design. Seeing designs like this coming out of the Mouse Factory makes me wonder if Disney’s design [...]

Scientists create mouse with super strength

A genetically altered mouse has been created that is both stronger and can run further than normal mice. The ‘mighty mouse’ is able to run 50% further…