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World Burping Championship

[YouTube Clip] Burp! The results of the first ever World Burping Championship is in: Tim Janus, a 35-year-old pizza chef silenced his competitors with a "lyrical and melodic burp" 18.1 seconds long. New York’s DNAinfo [...]

Would You Do The Dewdriver?

How do you turn Mountain Dew into a morning beverage? Just add orange juice, of course. While Taco Bell is calling their creation Mountain Dew A.M., I prefer Dewmosa or Dewdriver. Would you enjoy a Mountain Dew A.M. or do you think it would be disgusting? I don’t think it would be too bad. Link Via The [...]

Top 10 Most Extreme Substances

What are the most extreme substances in the world? No, not Mountain Dew; this list compiles and gives the details on the hottest, most flammable and most acidic substances known to man. One of which can melt through twelve layers of concrete. What do you get when you stack carbon nanotubes on their ends and sandwich [...]