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10 Stainless Steel, Spring-Loaded Things You Should Know About the Swiss Army Knife (Now With a Corkscrew!)

Image credit: Flickr user AJ Cann Pocket-sized multitools are a dime a dozen, but the Swiss Army Knife is an icon. Its name is shorthand for versatility and its cross-emblazoned red handle has gone to theĀ North Pole, to the top of Mount Everest, to the depths of the Amazon, and evenĀ orbited around Earth on the space [...]

Amputee Plans to Climb Mount Everest with a Prosthetic Ice Axe Arm

Jaco van Gass, a British soldier from South Africa, lost an arm in Afghanistan. That’s not slowing him down a bit. He plans to climb Mount Everest, making use of a prosthetic arm that he helped design himself: He said: “I came up with the idea to attach an ice axe to one of my prosthetics, [...]

Contest: Extreme Neatorama Reading!

Last week, we learned that one Neatoramanaut is browsing the site from Antarctica! That’s dedication, and we like that. So let’s have a contest the demonstrates your willingness to read Neatorama, no matter what the circumstances or conditions — while scuba diving, deep inside a cave, on Mount Everest, during an asteroid strike, or more. There [...]

Area 51 Reviews on Google Maps

Google Maps lets users submit reviews for different locations, including the mysterious Area 51 in Nevada. Most people seem to be displeased with the customer service found there. Link via Glenn Reynolds Previously: Travel Reviews for Mount Everest

3G Network Service Now Available on Mount Everest

Until recently, people in the Mount Everest area were restricted to satellite phones and a voice-only mobile network. But a Nepalese telecommunications company has now extended 3G wireless service to Mount Everest: The coverage would reach the summit of the world’s highest mountain, company head Pasi Koistinen, said. He added that this had not been tested yet. The [...]

Travel Reviews for Mount Everest

The good people of Teh Internet are writing funny travel reviews for Mount Everest. Here’s my favorite so far: No valet service and the sherpas barely spoke any English. At the link, click on “reviews” to see them all. Link via reddit

Kitten Rescued by Champion Climber

(YouTube link) A kitten was stuck on a concrete ledge high above the ground in Spokane, Washington. 60-year-old Kay Leclaire passed by jogging and heard the cat cry for help. So she decided to climb up and get him. The trapped kitten lucked out, since Leclaire is a champion climber who has scaled Mount Everest and [...]

Praise to a Common Duck: Airborne Super Creatures

“QUANTUM SHOT” #606Link – article by M. Christian and A. Abrams What’s that thing flying at the cruising altitude of a modern jet? In a deadly cold, without air? Common ducks routinely reach altitude of 5 to 6 kilometers (20,000 feet) We see them all the time, rowing across a clear, blue sky, applauding into the air when [...]

Rocks from moon and Everest to fly to ISS

Rocks collected from the top of Mount Everest and the moon are to be flown in to space as a symbol of NASA’s future explorations. Scott Parazynski, th…