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15 Manly Motorcycles for the Manly Man

Image: Michael Drabikowski – via Bike EXIF I can’t even ride a scooter, but I certainly can appreciate this nifty gallery of 15 manly motorcycles for the manly man over at Cool Material. This one above is the Robb Handcrafted Cycles Harley: There are only really two types of motorcycle custom shops in the world – the [...]

Man Puts Rocket Launchers On His Motorcycle

YouTube user jairust mounted bottle rockets on his motorcycle. He writes: Before you comment on safety remember that they are made of cardboard and balsa wood. You can buy them at walmart, they don’t have explosives in them, any sharp tips, no metal, and nothing that can hurt anyone. I made rocket pods for the sides of [...]

Motorcycle Assembles Itself in Stop-Motion Animation

(YouTube Link) Filmmaker Noah Flangian of Tullahoma, Tennessee and his father assembled a Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle, but used stop-motion animation to depict the bike spontaneously assembling itself. Flangian claims that the project took thirty hours to complete and that the motorcycle engine started on the first try. via Wired

Motorcycle Club Colors and Patches

Arnie has a collection of around 350 patches and colors signifying motorcycle clubs from all over. Browse through and you might recognize your local club! Or just take a look at the many different designs. Link -via Gorilla Mask

Top 10 Notorious American Biker Gangs

When some people think of bikers they most often think of the stereotypical of dirty, leather clad men with shaggy beards covered in road dust riding around the country wreaking havoc and getting into barroom brawls. The truth is that most bikers are not rowdy trouble-makers and are in fact honest, law-abiding, hard working people. However, [...]