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Goulding Sidecars

Motorcycle enthusiasts and history buffs alike will love the story of James Goulding and his sidecars. One hundred years ago in 1910, my grandfather, James Goulding built his first sidecar in Melbourne, Australia. In 1956 He built his last sidecar in Saginaw, Michigan. A lot of Motorcycle History happened between these two events and James and [...]

Stabilized Like a Segway, This Motorcycle Won’t Tip Over

Daniel Kim is nothing if not ambitious. His goal is to revolutionize personal transportation by combining the best elements of a car and a motorcycle. The result of his work is the prototype C1–an enclosed motorcycle that uses gyroscopic stabilizers to remain upright: Cars, by Kim’s reckoning, are most often a waste of space and, for [...]

Real Life Mad Max Built Motorcycle From Car that Broke Down in the Desert

Photo: Daniel Denis/2CV Magazine When Emile Leray’s Citroën 2CV car broke down in the middle of the Sahara Desert, he couldn’t build an arc reactor to fit into his flying suit of armor, so [...]

Akira Motorcycle in Real Life

In Katsuhiro Otomo’s 1988 Japanese anime classic Akira, Shotaro Kaneda rides a very sweet and very fictional custom motorcycle. Well, Masashi Teshima decided to rectify that last part: he spent more than 7 years [...]

The Skating King of Pakistan

Think you’re bad ass riding a motorcycle without a helmet? Well, that ain’t nothing compared to this: The Skating King of Pakistan who rollerblades behind his motorcycle that he controls using strings. Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] [...]

The World’s Coolest Side Cars

I’ve honestly never been that into motorcycles, but for some reason, I always have been fascinated by motorcycle sidecars. If you feel the same way, then don’t miss this great list of awesome sidecars on Dark Roasted Blend. Link

Taking the Show on the Road

(YouTube link) According to a rough Babelfish translation from the Russian description, Alexander Ishutin bought a motorcycle and installed a drum set on it so he and his friends could do this. In Soviet Russia, concert drives to you! -via reddit

Human Bobsled

(Video Link) This video is in Japanese, so I have no idea what is being said. It appears that this guy has attached rollerblading wheels to every surface of an armored suit. First, he shows off his moves. Then he races a motorcycle down a steep, twisty road at high speed. via WTF Japan, Seriously!? | Previously: [...]

How to Make Motorcycle Models from Cigarette Lighters

It’s possible to use the just the components of a cigarette lighter to make a rather realistic model of a motorcycle. YouTube user Tysteriskians has a nicely-detailed instructional video on the craft. Link (NSFW url) and Video via Geekologie

Gymnast Flips off of Motorcycle the Moment before a Crash

(Video Link) The story circulating about this video is that the man on the motorcycle is a gymnast. Just before he smacked into the side of a truck, he intentionally vaulted over the handlebars. At the end of the video, on his feet and apparently not seriously injured, the man walked back into view. via Geekosystem