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The World’s Fastest Couch Can Go 101 MPH

(Video Link) On Monday, Glen Sutton did something most men only get to dream about: driving a couch faster than anyone else ever has. He set a Guinness World Record by driving a couch equipped with a 1400 cc motorcycle engine up to 101 miles per hour. This shattered the previous record of 92 miles per [...]

Rubber Chicken Launcher

I can’t find much information about the contraption pictured above, but I gather that an artist in Asheville, North Carolina made a machine that launches rubber chickens a considerable distance using a motorcycle engine. The video shows him firing the chickens at what appears to be a sculpture made of boxing gloves. Image Link, Image Link, [...]

Homeless Man Builds Car out of Scrap

Orismar de Souza, 35, of São José de Piranha, Brazil, built a functional car out of junk. He actually shaped the body himself out of sheet metal using a hammer and chisel. The engine 125cc engine is from a motorcycle, and the other parts were gathered from junk yards in his area. After four years [...]

Motorcycle Assembles Itself in Stop-Motion Animation

(YouTube Link) Filmmaker Noah Flangian of Tullahoma, Tennessee and his father assembled a Suzuki GSX-R motorcycle, but used stop-motion animation to depict the bike spontaneously assembling itself. Flangian claims that the project took thirty hours to complete and that the motorcycle engine started on the first try. via Wired