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Outboard Boat Motor Margarita Mixer

Sadly, the original outboard motor isn’t inside the case. Etsy seller windchimesandmore replaced it with a small 2-cycle engine. Still, it blends vigorously and would make a fine conversation piece at parties. Link and Video -via Technabob

Dutch Superbus: Stretch Batmobile as Public Transportation

What looks like a Stretch Batmobile, goes really fast, and runs on electric motor? The Dutch Superbus, the brainchild of Wubbo Ockels, who created the car for public transportation (that or a really, really expensive ride to prom). AOL’s Translogic blog has the video clip: Link (Photo: Radio Netherlands Worldwide)

She Doesn’t Care

Now that Continental Oil Company (now Conoco) has your attention with the naughty thing their research chemists (Belt over lab coat? Craaaazy!) do on their summer break, it smoothly segues into the benefits of motor oil. Remember that sex sells, future Madison Ave execs, it even sells motor oil. Modern Mechanix has the larger pic: Link

The Battery That’s Been Operating Continuously for the Past 60 Years

It keeps going…and going…and going. Karpen’s Pile, a battery built in Romania, has been providing power since the 1950s: The prototype has been assembled in 1950 and consists of two series-connected electric piles moving a small galvanometric motor. The motor moves a blade that is connected to a switch. With every half rotation, the blade opens [...]

Cool Rider

We’re always looking for cooler methods of transportation. Cooler, meaning it looks good, it goes fast, it’s fun, and more and more it also means smaller and simpler. We want smaller bicycles we can carry with one hand or in a backpack. We want skates that don’t take up the entire closet floor. We want [...]