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Drop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation? Meh, that’s a dime a dozen. So Greg Condon decided to do something a bit different: drop motion animation! Take a look: Hit play or go to Link [Vimeo] – Thanks Greg!

The Slowest Slo-Mo Ever Recorded

“How does light look in slow motion?” asks Ramesh Raskar in this brief TED Talk, demonstrating his “femto-photography,” a slow motion technique that achieves one trillion frames per second. He proceeds to show us: the camera captures so many frames that you can SEE LIGHT TRAVELING THROUGH WATER. You can see light moving across [...]

Stop Motion Animation Created With Spreadsheets

(YouTube Link) Creating a fluid and interesting stop motion animation can be tedious enough, but when you decide to animate via spreadsheet you’re just asking for trouble! Apparently Joe Penna, aka Mystery Guitar Man, likes tedious trouble, as he and his team converted 730 frames of video into this blocky stop motion music video. –via Endgadget

Dmitry Itskov plans immortality by 2045

The Russian mogul has set in motion a plan to achieve cybernetic immortality within 33 years. Known as the ‘2045 initiative’, Itskov and his team have…

Motion Blurred Figures Made Out Of PVC Pipes

These PVC pipe sculptures by Korean artist Kang Duck-Bong appear to be perpetually motion blurred, like they might take off and fly away at any moment. Kang creates these motion sculptures by bundling painted PVC pipes into shapes that hint at the subject’s true form without reducing the blur effect with all that fine detail. Now [...]

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Tauntaun

This is what the Empire Strikes Back would have looked like if it was released by stop motion animation pioneers Rankin Bass. The only thing I don’t like about this illustration is the thought of Rudolph the Tauntaun getting gutted by Hermey/Luke Skywalker and used as a meat sleeping bag, but at least he comes [...]

Spooky Vid of Dog Drinking Water

(Video Link) In slow motion, this x-ray image looks especially cool. Thank your opposable thumbs that you don’t have to do this. via Doobybrain

Life-Size Portal Turret Can’t Shoot, but Looks Cool

I am a a big fan of video games and if you have ever played the game Portal, you will recognize this DIY creation right away. The builder handcrafted the turret and it took about a month to build. It has motion detection, a laser pointer, and when it senses motion it plays the sound [...]

Twin Babies Talking, As Acted By Adult Men in Diapers

(Video Link) The video of twin baby boys having a long conversation in gibberish captivated the people of the Internet about two weeks ago. Here, actors Michael Chiklis and Patton Oswalt duplicate the scene, sound for sound and motion for motion. Warning: some foul language once the act starts breaking down. via Gizmodo

Gmail Motion April Fool’s Hoax Made Real

Remember the Gmail Motion April Fool’s joke that John featured before? Well, Evan Suma and his colleagues at Mark Bolas’ MxR Lab at University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technology decided to make it real (oh, and the added irony: it uses Microsoft Kinect). “This application is pretty ridiculous,” reads text at the end of [...]