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How Malcolm Gladwell Ruined a Friendship By Singing a Song

In this live story from The Moth, Malcolm Gladwell explains how he ruined his friendship with his college friend Craig. Craig was a charismatic leader among nerds — he had a knack for nicknames and songs, and he made a huge impression on Gladwell when they were in school. But when Craig’s wedding [...]

Venezuelan Poodle Moth

Photo: Arthur Anker/Flickr Is that mothra as a baby? Zoologist Arthur Anker of Brazil’s Federal University snapped this fantastic photo of a Venezuelan poodle moth or muslin [...]

The Mother of All Moths

Look at the size of this moth -it’s 11 inches across! This is the Atlas moth, the largest moth species in the world. The wings have transparent “windows” that are not holes, but translucent tissue. See many more pictures of this gorgeous moth at Environmental Graffiti. Link (Image credit: Flickr user fabianfred)

Why Are Moths Drawn to Flames?

Around the world, moths make kamikaze dives into light bulbs and open flames with such regularity that they have their own idiom. What is it about lights that make moths so crazy? For a long time, scientists blamed the moon. Moths used the moon as a navigational beacon, it was argued, keeping it at a constant [...]

Moth removed from man’s ear

A 40-year-old man ended up in hospital after a moth flew down his ear while he was watching TV. Doctors admitted that they’d never seen anything like …