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Cat or Rabbit?

The caption at reddit says, “The morning after his first catnip.” However, at the Norwegian news site it came from, the translated caption is     cat or rabbit     Squeez enjoying himself with the carrot in the morning. Can we assume the cat is named Squeez? Link

Getting Dressed Without Arms

Getting dressed in the morning is hard for a lot of people, but by "hard" they usually mean that they don’t know what to wear. It’s a bit different for people without arms, like YouTuber Tisha [...]

Mind Blowing Drummer = 5 Year Old Child!

If this 5-year-old drummer doesn’t blow your mind this morning, nothing will. The drum fill at the end, cued here, has to be John Bonham’s ghost! Unreal. Rewind and watch the whole thing!

Do You See Yourself in the Mirror?

When you see yourself in the mirror every morning, who do you really see? Photographer Tom Hussey’s elderly dad said that he still felt young, like he was in his twenties, and that whenever he looked in the mirror, [...]

Curiosity rover successfully lands on Mars

NASA rejoiced this morning as the one-ton Mars Science Laboratory touched down on the Red Planet. The team behind the mission waited with baited breat…

The 2012 Emmy Nominations

The nominations for the 2012 Emmy Awards were announced this morning, and you can see the shows up for Outstanding Drama Series in the photograph. The complete list of nominations is at Buzzfeed. Link

R.I.P. Andy Griffith

Andy Griffith, who most Americans know as Sheriff Andy Taylor from the long-running series The Andy Griffith Show, died this morning at his home in Roanoke, North Carolina. Mr. Griffith was already a star, with rave reviews on Broadway in “No Time for Sergeants” and in Elia Kazan’s film “A Face in the Crowd,” when “The [...]

Would You Do The Dewdriver?

How do you turn Mountain Dew into a morning beverage? Just add orange juice, of course. While Taco Bell is calling their creation Mountain Dew A.M., I prefer Dewmosa or Dewdriver. Would you enjoy a Mountain Dew A.M. or do you think it would be disgusting? I don’t think it would be too bad. Link Via The [...]

Beachgoers Haul Thirty Stranded Dolphins Back into the Water

(Video Link) People enjoying a pleasant morning on the shore of Arraial do Cabo, Brazil last Monday noticed that about thirty dolphins were trapped in the surf and unable to swim back out to sea. So they spontaneously waded in, grabbed the dolphins by their tails, and pulled them into deeper water. Go Team Humanity! Link [...]

Wake Up With Some Coffee Flakes

There are plenty of people who can’t wake up in the morning without a cup of coffee, but for those that want to switch up their caffeine fix for something a little more substantial, Coffee Flakes might not do much to wake you up, but at least they’ll offer you that delightful roast flavor you’re [...]