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Life Lessons We Learned From The Twilight Zone

You never forget the moral of the story when you’ve got a chill running up your spine, and there was always a moral of some kind in the TV series The Twilight Zone. However, the lessons you learned might not be the same as those selected by Uproxx’s Josh Kurp. For example, for the above [...]

This New Ragu Ad Is Naughty Fun

(YouTube Link) This new ad for Ragu pasta sauce is all sorts of wrong. A kid stumbles upon his parents sharing a bit of afternoon delight, then he tries to forget the horror of what he just witnessed by scarfing down a bowl of pasta. Moral of the story- the scars of childhood go great with Ragu spaghetti [...]

Man Rescued from Sewer Faces More Trouble

An unnamed man in the town of Montmélian, France, dropped his wallet into a sewer opening in a parking garage and went to retrieve it. He then became stuck, with his head in the pipe and his legs sticking out of the manhole. The man spent the entire night like that until a passer-by called [...]

The Strangest Coincidence Ever Recorded?

(YouTube link) The moral of the story is: if you are going to sail off the coast of Wales on December 5th, you may want to change your name to Hugh Williams. But is this a true story? Any records from these incidences seem to be at least second-hand. I found a post at The Scuttlefish [...]

Praying Mantis Catches a Hummingbird

Photo: Sharon Fullingim National Geographic reader Sharon Fullingim took this fantastic photo of a praying mantis catching a hummingbird (and believe it or not, this isn’t the first time we’ve featured such a story). Moral of the story? Don’t ever mess with a praying mantis. From the National Geographic user submitted Daily Dozen (September – Week 1, [...]