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Cthulhu Barbie

Since 1959, Cthulhu has given young girls unrealistic expectations about body image and moral depravity. Sabrina Zbasnik’s treatment is probably an improvement. Note: the Cthulhu Dream Dungeon is sold separately. Link -via Bit Rebels

5 Memorable Moments in Comic Book Censorship

In a story we first published in 2008 (server migration week continues!), Australian writer/historian Mark Juddery discusses what happened when comic book characters ran afoul of the comic book code (or angered a hostile government). 1. The Comics Code and the C-word For decades, the comic book industry was ruled by the toughest censorship body in America: [...]

Wildest Secession Movements in The United States

With the unrest happening in Egypt and other countries in the region many people are asking if a revolution could ever happen in the US of A. Some Americans, however, have been planning such a movement for years to rebel against what they consider the injustices of the US government. During the Civil War the [...]