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“Moonlight Sonata” in a Bus Station

Can you play Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” on piano? If you’re a random bus commuter in Newcastle, UK, the answer apparently is “yes” — with a little help from your friends. In this video, Andy Jackson of the Cobweb Orchestra plays the majority of the piece, leaving the high melodic lines for passersby. He coaches [...]

Are bats afraid of the moon ?

Despite being creatures of the night bats appear to have a strong aversion to being in direct moonlight. Scientists in Mexico have determined that bat…

A Moonbow in Hawaii

A moonbow is a rainbow that appears in moonlight. Light from the moon must be refracted through a mist of water in order for us to see the effect. Photographer Wally Pacholka captured this effect at the edge of Haleakala crater on the island of Maui. The large “star” in the picture is Mars. Link [...]