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Drinks Based on Your Favorite Games

Mmmm….a Katamari Damacy Dashing Prince. Sounds delicious, as do many of the other drinksĀ  invented by The Drunken Moogle, most of which are inspired by video games. They even have a few drinks inspired by websites..what do you guys think a Neatorama cocktail should contain? Link

Get Your Drink On With These Geeky Cocktails

It doesn’t take a lot of talent or imagination to come up with a new cocktail, especially if you like to sip on the strong stuff on a regular basis. Drinkers know what tastes good, what goes well together, and how to make your drink turn a pretty color in the glass, all without ever [...]

Portal 2 Cocktails

If you drink enough of these, the physics will start to make sense. The Drunken Moogle, inventor and teacher of many geeky cocktail recipes, brings us the perfect Portal 2 drink. You’ll need blue curacao, vodka, lemonade, cointreau, rum and Orangina. Link -via Technabob | Photo: James Dance of Loading