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Monte Carlo Method was Named after the Inventor’s Uncle who Loved to Gamble

If you’ve worked in science, engineering and economics, chances are you’ve used or heard of the Monte Carlo Method. It’s a very useful computational algorithm that uses random numbers and probability statistics to examine a [...]

Man’s True Love is a Car

A lot of guys love their cars, but one man has found true love in his cherry red 1998 Monte Carlo. And by "love," I mean the kissing, romantic kind. From TLC’s TV Series My [...]

This Car is a Regulation Pool Table

Big Daddy Vini, the legendary car customizer, build this portable billiard hall onto an old Chevrolet Monte Carlo chassis. When it’s on site, levels make sure that the table is properly balanced. The cab features a refrigerator and a television set for all of your hustling needs. View more pictures and videos at the link. Link [...]

If You Want to Succeed in Yacht Rock, You’ll Need a Ridiculous Name

Sparked by a popular online video series by the same name, Yacht Rock, the genre of music produced by artists such as Christopher Cross and Kenny Loggins during the late 1970s and early 1980s, has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts over the past several years. The term yacht rock comes from the nautical references that [...]

Monte Carlo Writing Desk

Viscount David Linley, a luxury furniture craftsman, made this custom writing desk topped with a model of the Monte Carlo casino: The main body of the desk is constructed in American walnut with inlays of Santos rosewood and sycamore, while the surface of the desk is covered in dark red leather. On the underside of the [...]

Most Sensuous Car Shapes Ever Designed

“QUANTUM SHOT” #319(rev)Link – by Avi Abrams Cast your vote for the most gorgeous car body! These are the prime contenders. Continuing our popular series, we are going to celebrate the most exciting and eye-pleasing body styles in car design, from last 70 years of the automobile era. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but [...]

Link Latte 122

#122 – Week of October 26, 2009 Building the Batillus Supertanker, more – [awesome pics]Amazing Steampunk Carousel, via – [fascinating]A 1935 US Plan for Invasion of Canada! – [weird history]How big is Antarctica, really?, and without ice? – [wow pic]Halloween Vintage Ephemera Set – [collection]How to make your stand without agreeing to anything – [useful?]Wish-tree in [...]