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Anti-Suicide Speech from “Pump Up the Volume”

In recent months, we’ve been reminded of teen bullying and suicide as a rising problem in the U.S. For example, I posted a Late Movies installment about the It Gets Better project. But this obviously isn’t a new problem. A friend recently sent me this clip from the 1990 movie Pump Up the Volume, in [...]

Mind-Blowing Time Lapse Video

Timelapse Montage from Mike Flores on Vimeo. Have you ever had a dream where clouds or planets suddenly start moving rapidly through the sky? This absolutely astonishing time-lapse montage by Mike Flores will make that dreamscape seem like a reality. The piece evokes something familiar with the haunting and the strange. Fitting, too, that the music [...]

Hollywood’s Top Villains

Forget heroes. I find villains much more interesting. Here’s a wonderful montage titled: Heart of Darkness, a Montage, Cinema’s Top Human Villains, by YouTube user hh, listing 45 of the best (worst?) Hollywood baddies. The music, East Hastings by Goodpseed You! Black Emperor, certainly contributed much to the awesomeness of the clip. I’m glad that Kathy Bates’ [...]

1987 Dating Video

This completely hilarious montage of circa 1987 video dater men was featured on Boing Boing yesterday, and as one commenter mentioned, the guy at 3:34 was a dead ringer for Seth Green. Upon second viewing, I noticed that the guy at 2:27 looks and sounds like Seth Rogen. That got me thinking. Is the Seth Green [...]