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Darth Vader’s Mask Made from Old Machinery

Gabriel Dishaw first got my attention by making athletic shoes from old computer and typewriter parts. Now he sets my heart aflutter with this sculpture of Lord Vader. He’s also made dogs, horses and assorted bird-monsters, which you can find on his website. Link -via Technabob | Artist’s Website

That’s a Big Scarecrow

This scarecrow would scare off not only crows, but also children, monsters, and small planes! I don’t know who made this scarecrow or where it was (the picture is at least three years old), but he did an awesome job building it. Link

Monster Mash

Jason Edmiston, who brought us Monsters of Rock, took the “big four” classic movie monsters and mashed them up in one artwork! Dracula, Frankenstein’s monster, the Wolf Man, and the Mummy are all here. The limited edition monster mashup prints are available at Edmiston’s Etsy shop. Link -via Boing Boing

Halloween Started A Long, Long Time Ago

Séamus Gallagher reminds us that monsters aren’t scary; real life is. Let’s hide in the closet until it’s all over. Link -via Pleated Jeans

Neat Halloween Horror Art By Matt Dixon

Matt Dixon shares his love of Halloween with the world through his fantastic illustrations, which feature ghoulish gals and frighteningly freaky monsters. They’re colorful, sometimes a bit racy but never NSFW, and each incredibly detailed piece pops on the page, it’s art that’s actually fun to look at! Link  –via Geek Tyrant

Know Your Monsters

Know the names of the various types of monsters you may encounter. This guide from Poorly Drawn Lines may help. Link -via Blame It On The Voices

Titanic in Super 3D

(YouTube link) Titanic just keep getting improved! Now with more effects, more directors, more monsters, and more explosions! -via reddit

Needle Felted Zombie Valentine’s Day Gifts

Psshh…chocolates are so twentieth century. In a world that’s obsessed with zombies, there’s no better Valentine’s gift than a simple, handmade set of zombie monsters. You can buy you own set over at Etsy. Link Via CraftZine

Pachimon Postcards

We’ve posted art from more than one person who takes everyday paintings or iconic images and adds fantastic monsters to them. It’s neat, but it’s not new. Back in the 1970s, Yokopro in Japan published postcards that did the exact same thing. The monsters are called pachimon kaiju. See a collection of them at How [...]

Couple Sells Their Kids For Online Gaming Money

Do you or someone you know have an addiction to Warcrack? Are you spending so much time farming and battling monsters that your life is passing you by? Well, at least you haven’t sold your kids to pay for your MMO habits! One couple in China, however, have sold three of their children just to [...]