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Why the Monopoly Playing Pieces Are What They Are

By 1935, the game of Monopoly–including the name–had formed. Two years later, Parker Brothers included die-cast metal player pieces, including a car, a top hat, an iron, a shoe and a thimble, in Monopoly sets. Why? Eddie Deezen asked John Chaneski, an expert on board games: When Monopoly was first created in the early 1930s, there were [...]

Alan Turing Monopoly Board

Sixty years ago, William Newman designed an alternate Monopoly game for Alan Turing. Now a version of that game is for sale!   In this special edition of Monopoly, the squares around the board and revised Chance and Community Chest cards tell the story of Alan Turing’s life along with key elements of the original hand-drawn [...]

The Geekiest Classic Board Game Ever

How do you make classic Monopoly even more nerdy? Make a cross stitched Final Fantasy III version, of course. Be sure to check out the link for more detailed shots of the board and the cards. Link Via Craftzine

Loophole to McDonald’s Olympics Fries Monopoly

Want chips (French fries to us Yanks) at the Olympics? You’re out of luck: McDonald’s has got the monopoly on that. But, there is a clever loop hole. Find out how athletes can get their carb-laden fries over at The Daily What: [...]

Doctor Who Monopoly

There are tons of fun Monopoly editions, but this Doctor Who version game might be the best one yet. After all, if anything can alleviate the boredom of Monopoly, it’s the ability to travel through space and time. Link Via BuzzFeed

5 Questions: Monopoly (Part 4)

Take the Short Line to our week-long trip around the Monopoly board, where the names of spaces appear in the questions. Today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz: Monopoly (Part 4)

5 Questions: Monopoly (Part 3)

Even if you’re “Just Visiting,” take a minute to join our week-long trip around the Monopoly board, where the names of spaces appear in the questions. Today’s multiple-choice 5 Questions quiz: Monopoly (Part 3)

Monopoly Was Actually Created to Teach The Evils of Capitalism

What better game than Monopoly to teach the young uns about the wonderful world of capitalism? Well, you’d be surprised to learn that the board game was actually created to teach people the evils of capitalism! The earliest recognizable version of what we know as Monopoly was patented by Lizzie Magie in 1904. The Landlord’s Game, [...]

The Number of the Day: $140,000

An original, round Monopoly board created by the game’s inventor, Charles Darrow—the only one of 5,000 originals known to still exist—recently sold at auction for the equivalent of over $140,000. Related Fact: Since its invention, more than six billion green houses and 2.25 billion red hotels have been made. [Source: The Daily Mail. See previous Numbers of [...]

Earliest Surviving Monopoly Game Sells For £90,000

This round board made from oilcloth is one of 5000 made by Charles Darrow in 1933. This is the only circular Darrow Monopoly game known to still exist. It is hand coloured in pen and ink and the pieces are made of wood moulding. Darrow based his game on political activist Lizzie Magie’s Landlord’s Game [...]