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Sock Monkey Plush Earmuffs

Sock Monkey Plush Earmuffs Are you looking for a couple of good friends to get you through those bleak winter days? You need the very friendly Sock Monkey Plush Earmuffs from the NeatoShop. This fantastic earmuff is sure to warm your heart and ears.  Be sure to check out the NeatoShop for more great Headgear! Link

Monkey in a jacket perplexes Ikea customers

A Toronto branch of Ikea was the site of an unusual visitor on Sunday in the form of a debonair monkey. Shoppers visiting the store were surprised whe…

Curious George’s Great Escape

How the inquisitive monkey and two bicycles saved a German couple’s lives. German-born Jewish couple Hans and Margret Rey were starting to feel nervous in the fall of 1939. The Nazis were getting uncomfortably close to their adopted hometown of Paris, where they had moved four years earlier to work on children’s books. Rather than tempt [...]

Just On a Walk With My Monkey

From redditor Daviddesousa we get this beautiful picture of a girl walking her monkey. There isn’t much information out there about the picture, its location, or the girl, but people of the internet seem to think it is Mumbai. I have always wanted to go to Mumbai, or well India in general. Anyone [...]

Mom Found Son’s Long Lost Toy

Liam lost his stuffed toy, a little blue monkey named Ah-Ah, on a family trip three years ago. He was, understandably devastated – but his mom never gave up looking and one day … The [...]

Monkey Found Hidden Camera

This cheeky monkey found a hidden camera in the island of Borneo, and decided to strike a pose: Link – via Buzzfeed

Monkey Controls Hand with Brain Chips

Image: China Daily Hello, how do you do? Go ahead and shake hands with Jianhui the monkey, who controls a robotic hand through sensors implanted in its brain: Zheng Xiaoxiang of the Brain-Computer Interface Research Team at [...]

The Cutest Cable Organizer In The Galaxy

Every geek can use a cable organizer, but why go boring when you can make your own awesome AT-AT organizer with the easy-to-use kit from Etsy seller GeekCook. Of course, if you want a smaller, cheaper option, our Cable Monkey is always a good call. Link Via Laughing Squid

Monkey Washing Dishes

(YouTube link) Pete (the monkey) watched Louis (the man) washing dishes at an animal sanctuary in Bolivia. Pete learned fast! Read more about Pete and the baby he is “babysitting” at Amazing Stuff. Link -Thanks, Duncan!

Screaming Monkey Slingshot

Screaming Monkey Slingshot – $5.95 Has workday stress got you down? Is it time to unleash the flying monkeys? You need the Screaming Monkey Slingshot from the NeatoShop. This hilarious plush monkey screams as he zooms through the air. Hey, don’t knock it till you try it. Letting loose the flying monkeys certainly seemed to make [...]