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Pippa Middleton Made of Crumpets

Photo by Solent News and Photo Agency First we brought you Mona Lisa made of coffee, and now we bring you the sister of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, in crumpets. Artist Laura Hadland used 15,000 crumpets and 15 volunteers to help her recreate a couple of iconic images of Pippa Middleton in her maid of honor [...]

Mona Lisa: All Things to Some Researchers

How researchers see a much looked- upon lady by Alice Shirrell Kaswell, Improbable Research staff Leonardo da Vinci’s painted portrait of the Mona Lisa entices researchers of many kinds to spring into action of some sort. Alerted to the possible presence of a newsworthy mystery, quite a few people want to define and then solve it. On December [...]

Digest This: 9 Celebrities Who’ve Written Cookbooks

You could turn to a celebrity chef if you need a solid recipe, but why ask an expert like Bobby Flay for advice when you can get a recipe from a celebrity who dabbles in the kitchen? Let’s take a look at a few examples from the hot “celebrities writing cookbooks” genre. 1. Cookin’ with [...]

Link Latte 123

#123 – Week of November 15, 2009 The Stone Forest… this is something else – [awesome pics]Very entertaining infographic about coffee – [cool info]“Oasis Of The Seas”, the biggest ship, is completed, video and pics – [wow]Half Car, Half Bike, is Really Bizarre – [wow auto]Living Room Decorated Inside a PC – [crazy PC mod]Divers Wrestling [...]