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The Missing Links: GPS Candy Bars

How Do You Save A Bunch of Superheroes? Find out who rescued Marvel Comics. * What Happened to Good Old Golden Tickets? When we start putting GPS devices in our candy bars, I think we’ve gone too far. * Behold: The World’s Lowest Voice Get this man in a barbershop quartet immediately. * Do You Know What You Know? Test out [...]

Mona Lisa’s skeleton found ?

A complete skeleton discovered beneath a nunnery in Italy could belong to the Mona Lisa herself. The bones were unearthed below an altar within the de…

Doctor Who: Mangling History

Doctor Who has a long and noble history of attempting to convey history to its young viewers. It has not always been completely successful, however. Here are a few stories where they dipped into history — but didn’t get the history quite right. The Gunfighters On Doctor Who: The TARDIS arrives in Tombstone, Arizona, just as the Clanton [...]

Mona Lisa in Jelly Beans

Mona Lisa has never looked so delicious! Kristen Cumings recreated Da Vinci’s masterpiece in the unlikeliest of medium: Jelly Belly jelly beans. A few years ago, Jelly Belly officially hired painter and illustrator [...]

14 Facts You Might Not Know about Mission: Impossible

Good morning, Neatoramanauts. From 1966 to 1973, the innovative television show Mission: Impossible presented the adventures of the Impossible Missions Force. This top secret American agency found stolen nuclear bombs, exposed counterfeiters, rescued captured spies and foiled criminal plots at home and abroad. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to learn things [...]

Heavy Bombardment of the Moon

Link Scroll down for today’s pictures & links. Heavy Bombardment of the Moon This NASA video is called the “Evolution of the Moon”, but we think that “heavy, brutal, merciless bombardment” will be better way to describe the epic cataclysmic events that shaped our Moon in the distant past. Link Today’s pictures & links: The Edge of the World Beachy Head cliff, [...]

Mona Lisa Dress Up Wall Decals

Mona Lisa Dress Up Wall Decals – $19.95 Are you enchanted by the Mona Lisa’s mysterious smile, but you think she could use a little updating? After all, she is over 500 years old.  You need the Mona Lisa Dress Up Wall Decals from the NeatoShop. This hilarious set includes a Mona Lisa wall decal and [...]

Barbie throughout Art History

In the Western tradition, it has always been about Barbie. Venus? Actually Barbie. Mona Lisa? It was Barbie. The model for the Statue of Liberty? Barbie. So French artist Jocelyne Grivaud created many Barbie images as great artists should have composed them. Content warning: nudes. Link (Google Translate) -via Flavorwire

Starry Night is Everywhere!

Starry Night is a painting by Vincent Van Gogh that has proved to be an enduring iconic image. Painted in 1888, the scene shows a night sky filled with stars swirling over the French countryside, which includes a view of the village of Saint-Rémy. Since 1941, the painting has been at the Museum of Modern [...]

6 of History’s Greatest Art Heists and Scams

This past weekend, some daring criminals sauntered into the Marina del Rey Ritz-Carlton hotel and absconded with an original drawing by Rembrandt estimated to be worth $250,000. After a tip, the 17th-century sketch turned up in an Encino church about 20 miles away. Since art heists are on the brain, here are six instances where [...]