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The 2012 Presidential Debate Drinking Game

The first presidential debate is tonight at 9PM Eastern (6PM Pacific). If you’ll be watching for fun, you might want to keep an eye out for cues to take another drink. Watch out if you’re playing for real, because the items on the list might make you totally unable to work tomorrow! 6. A Candidate Thanks [...]

Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on His Hands

Spencer West has no legs, so he walked on his hands. All the way up Mt. Kilimanjaro! Word came last night that West has reached Uhuru Peak in Tanzania, the highest altitude in Africa. From his blog: The moment the summit was within sight… it was incredible. We looked around – me, David and Alex – [...]

A Well Educated Vandal

All those long hours in biology class finally paid off in this one glorious moment! Via Wooster Collective

25 Pictures Taken At the Perfect Time

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely love all those galleries of pictures taken at the perfect moment and this BuzzFeed collection is definitely a good one -particularly in the cat pictures. This kitty looks like he’s performing a gymnastics routine. Link

Movie Titles in Movies: Part Deux

In a lot of films there is that moment where a character actually says the name of the movie. This can either be cool or lame depending on the context. Now here are 110 titles being said in the film in 159 seconds. Which is your favorite title being said in a movie? Link

Gadgets "Aged to Perfection"

Used and banged up gadgets are usually considered as ugly by most people, but not to Remy Labesque of design mind’s Object Oriented blog. He considers them “Aged to Perfection” (though that’s not enough to consign the gadgets to the trash heap of obsolescence – or e-waste recycling, after he took the photos): The truth is [...]

Royal Wedding Flower Girl Photobomb!

The Royal Wedding. Beautiful, wasn’t it? Especially that magical moment when they came out and shared their first kiss as a wedded couple in front of one million cheering people. The only thing that made the moment perfect beyond reason, was this little girl right here: And like THAT! a meme was born over on For [...]

A Boy and His Dog

This image made me laugh the moment that I saw it. deviantART user Hillary White’s gallery is filled with all sorts of hilarious juxtapositions, like Voltron dancing in a Monet painting and Brainy Smurf getting assassinated during the French Revolution. Link via Nerd Bastards Previously: Cutting Open an Animal and Crawling Inside to Survive During a Storm [...]

Why Do College Basketball Teams Cut Down the Nets?

© Wally McNamee/CORBIS The men’s NCAA Division I hoops championship game is tonight, and we can’t tell you whether UConn or Butler is going to win. We can predict two things, though. The winning team will cut down the nets. And CBS will show a highlight montage set to the song “One Shining Moment.” Let’s take [...]

The Sinking of the Milton Bradley

A pivotal moment in the history of Battleship board game was artfully commemorated by Tim Doyle in this limited print of The Sinking of The Milton Bradley: Link – via Popped Culture Trivia for you: Milton Bradley, yes, the Milton Bradley who started the game company that bears his name today, invented what later became The [...]