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Woman Obtained Restraining Order Against Helicopter Parents

Got helicopter parents? A 21-year-old theatre student named Aubrey Ireland does, and she had to go to court to obtain a civil stalking restraining order against them after telling the judge that they attempted [...]

Real-life Chimeras

(YouTube link) Chimera is a term for some mythological monsters that are made of different parts from different animals. Real-life chimeras contain the genetic material of more than one individual. And it happens more than you may realize. For example, Venus the cat is probably not a chimera, but your mom might be! -via The Daily [...]

Why Is Your Wall Meowing?

(Video Link) Ohh, so that’s where baby kittens come from. My mom told me it had something to do with birds and bees, I don’t know why she couldn’t have just told me the truth. Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Call Me Back!

I understand her completely, and you should call your mom! This Twaggie was illustrated by Joy and Noelle of Twins Are Weird from a Tweet by @MistookMistake. You can see a new illustrated Tweet every day at Twaggies. Link

Dad’s Not Worth As Much As Mom When It Comes To Household Chores

Father’s Day is this coming Sunday, so tell your dad that you love him and that you appreciate all the daddy duties that he did, like getting rid of that icky bug from the house. But don’t tell him that he’s [...]


Maybe not your mom, but everyone knows someone who manages to cook all their lives and turn out dishes with no flavor to speak of. This Twaggie was illustrated from a Tweet by @resila. I hope your mother doesn’t see this, David! See more Tweets illustrated at Twaggies. Link

10 Terrible Movie Moms and the Rotten Things They Said

Going to the movies should make you appreciate your mother even more, as monster mothers run rampant in fiction. Or even non-fiction. Of course, we consider things to be entertainment only if they are outside of your ordinary experience. If you fought with your mom over what to wear to the prom, consider Margaret White [...]

Thanks Mom!

Canucks everywhere have got to stick up for each other, so when a Canadian soldier and redditor’s mom sent him 4 Justin Bieber (yes, a Canadian) T-shirts, he wrangled three of his buddies to pose: Link [...]

Zebra Courtney Apron

Zebra Courtney Apron – $33.95 Is your Mom a wild woman in the kitchen? This Mother’s Day give Mom a gift that reflects her exciting personality. Give her the Zebra Courtney Apron from the NeatoShop. This chic apron comes with a removable pink flower. Show Mom she is “Z” best Mom ever by also getting her the [...]

9 Regular People Who Became Memes

We may never know the true identities of Annoying Facebook Girl and Good Guy Greg, but we do know a little bit more about the people who inspired these memes. 1. College Freshman As a first-semester freshman, Griffin Kiritsy agreed to do an interview for Reader’s Digest, complete with a photo shoot on the UNH campus. “No [...]