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The Movies Are Wrong About Lava

It happens all the time in the movies: someone sinks into a pool of lava and burns to death. Would a real-life incident turn out like that? Only sort of …because it would certainly burn. Erik Klemetti explains what the movies get wrong. However, the death of Gollum at the end of Return of the King [...]

Avoiding Traffic Jams

LinkScroll down for today’s pictures & links. Avoiding Traffic Jams … in Russia (highly dangerous and illegal, of course). See another method in this video. Link Today’s pictures & links: Getting some adrenaline in Switzerland: (image via) ———— Interesting Concepts for Duesenberg by Virgil Exner, circa 1964 These renderings were done by Ross Cousins, best known for Cadillac brochure and print advertising: (images via) Second image [...]

Jupiter’s moon Io has subsurface lava ocean

Io has a massive global reservoir of molten lava 30 miles deep powering its fierce and active volcanism. “Now we know where all of that lava is coming…

Five Hot Exoplanets Discovered

NASA’s Kepler space telescope mission is sending back data on exoplanets we’ve never seen before. Five new planets that the probe recently discovered are large planets that revolve close to their stars, making it easier for us to see them. The smallest of the new planets is about the same size as Neptune, though much more [...]