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Reindeer Papercraft

As everyone is feeling the Holiday spirit, take a break from the rigors of gift unwrapping and feast eating to build this beautifuly creative Papercraft Reindeer with friends and family. Brought to us by the people at Media Molecule, all the instructions and cutouts you need are here.  Images credit Media Molecule | Via Super Punch

A Computer Chip the Size of a Molecule

The governments of Singapore and the European Union are trying to develop a computer chip the size of a single molecule. From Singapore’s press release on the subject: A*STAR’s IMRE and 10 EU research organisations are working together to build what is essentially a single molecule processor chip. As a comparison, a thousand of such molecular [...]

Single Molecule Pictured for First Time

Why would people get excited about this blury picture?  The pentacene molecule pictured is commonly used in solar cells and has five benzene rings.  There is only .14 namometers between rings, which is one million times smaller than a grain of sand! Credit for this nifty picture goes to IBM Research Zurich who used an Atomic [...]