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Don’t Feed This Jack-O-Lantern After Midnight

Mogwai themed artwork never goes out of style, because the little guy’s just so darn cute yet mischievous that seeing a Mogwai face makes everyone smile. They’re like the smaller yet deadlier version of the Ewoks, so it’s no wonder pumpkin artist Trevor Grove decided to create this awesome Mogwai carving, complete with big, furry ears [...]

Gremlins Pop! Bobblehead

Gremlins Pop! Bobblehead – $10.45 Is midnight snacking ruining your diet? You need the Gremlins Pop! Bobblehead from the NeatoShop. We suggest you put him near your fridge as a way to remember what happened to the sweet and lovable Mogwai when they ate after midnight! Be sure to check out the Neatoshop for more adorable Bobbleheads! Link

Gizmo Skirt

That, my friends, is the Gizmo Skirt by Brian Lichtenberg. The skirt is in grey tweed and features “ear-pockets” with swarovski crystal eyes. It’ll set you back $2,100 but that’s the price of mogwai haute couture these days. Whatever you do, don’t spill food on it after midnight: Link – Thanks Mike!

Movie Plot Holes

Image copyright Warner Bros., used under fair use. Or as writer Matt Blum likes to call them, the Top 10 Unanswered Questions in Geeky Movies. Yes, Wired’s Geekdad addresses the glaring computer virus issue in ID4, and the peculiarity of the Death Star emerging from hyperspace on the far side of Yavin. But some others are [...]